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        2021 BMW China Cultural Journey Wraps Up Yunnan Tour

        July 23, 2021

        (Lijiang, Yunnan Province, July 30) Today, the 2021 BMW China Culture Journey Yunnan tour themed “Exploring Yunnan’s History and Legacy, A Spiritual Homeland of Harmony and Diversity” has officially come to an end. Divided into East and West routes and six cultural themes, the tour led scholars, media representatives and other guests from all over the country to explore 20 fascinating tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Yunnan. BMW China Culture Journey has been helping to protect China's intangible cultural heritage for 15 years as part of its “In China, for China" commitment to Chinese society. During this tour, the program fulfilled all the targets it set for its 15th anniversary.

        Mr. Jochen Goller, President and CEO of BMW Group Region China, said, "There is no premium without sustainability. BMW Group has positioned sustainability at the core of our strategy in China and refined our strategic directions into climate change actions; accountable, circular, and resilient value chain; and responsible corporate citizenship. There is no premium without responsibility. In 15 years, BMW China Culture Journey has made contributions to the conservation of traditional Chinese culture that make us proud—it is the perfect embodiment of BMW Group's strategic CSR in China. In conjunction with its 15th anniversary, BMW China Culture Journey is going to unite all forces in society to embark on another journey to contribute to a beautiful China."

        Rome was not built in a day. After 15 years of unremitting efforts, BMW China Culture Journey has created a sustainable and reproducible model for “integrating intangible cultural heritage into modern life" and "promoting the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional Chinese culture”.

        During the tour, BMW China Culture Journey successfully selected 5 intangible cultural heritage inheritors to attend the Tsinghua BMW Innovation Center, xxx (list names). Under the tutelage of Tsinghua University's Academy of Arts and Design professors, the inheritors will design and develop marketable creative products to promote the innovative transformation of intangible cultural heritage. The creative products co-designed by the six inheritors from Liaoning and Hubei provinces selected during the 2020 BMW China Culture Journey and Tsinghua professors will be officially launched this year.

        As part of its innovative communication strategy, the program live-streamed six themed cultural workshops including the Ancient Tea Horse Road, sustainable ecological culture, and innovative development and transformation of traditional culture and rituals, drawing the attention of more than X million people to traditional Chinese culture.

        BMW China Culture Journey also collaborated with well-known travel website Mafengwo to launch the "BMW China Culture Journey Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour Guide of Yunnan” to promote the integrated development of Yunnan's culture and tourism industry with visionary thinking. The innovative, upgraded tour guide compiles Yunnan’s unique tourism resources in a form that is specially tailored to the reading habits of the younger generations these days.

        With a special focus on people and contributing to local communities, BMW China Culture Journey has unwaveringly forged ahead for 15 years, rooting itself in Chinese society as a community involvement program. Looking forward, BMW China Culture Journey is embarking on a new journey as it continues to use BMW's strong brand influence as a "connection" to build a sustainable, multi-participant intangible cultural heritage socialization platform and support system. Tapping into the power of all parties within the system, the program will forge a new path that is distinctively BMW China Culture Journey to create shared value.

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