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        Job Application

        1.How to apply for the job?
        Welcome to our official recruitment system. To check job vacancies and submit resume, please go to: www.zackhovatter.com/jobs. You can also follow BBA’s official wechat account for recruitment, and submit your resume online.

        If you want to apply for short term internship, please send your resume to: internship@bmw-brilliance.cn (Shenyang);
        Careerbj@bmw-brilliance.cn (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Foshan)
        If you want to apply for forefront manufacturing position in Shenyang, please send your resume to: production@bmw-brilliance.cn.

        2.Can I initiatively apply for a job if there’s no suitable vacancies in your online job list?
        You can always submit your resume to BMW Brilliance Automobile Ltd. via our online submission system (register an account and upload your resume, it will go to our company’s talent pool). When there is a suitable vacancy, we will contact you (we will search from the talent pool for qualified candidates).

        Recruitment Process

        Resume Screening:First of all, received resumes will be evaluated by HR specialists. Preliminary screening will be done according to the job description and the information submitted by the applicants.

        Telephone Interview: If an applicant meets the requirements of a job at BMW Brilliance Automobile Ltd., a telephone interview which usually is delivered by an HR Specialist will be arranged. Key point of the telephone interview is to know about the applicant’s individual and career development potential, and his/her skills and talents. Telephone interview allows the two parties to have preliminary understanding of each other on a certain level.

        Online Assessment:This is the segment set up according to the requirements of the position.

        Assessment Center:This is the segment set up according to the requirements of the position.

        Interview:By passing the first telephone interview, you will enter into the next step of the interview. The applicant will be invited for an individual interview. The purpose is to invite the applicant to have face to face interactive communication with the staff from specific business department and human resources department. The interview is mainly to understand the applicant’s individual and professional background. Discussion will be organized according to the resume, or relevant questions will be asked about the applicant’s experiences and abilities. Written test and test for computer skill might be arranged in the process of the interview.

        The result will be emailed to you in 2 weeks after the interview, please remember to check your mailbox offered in your resume.

        Social Recruitment

        How to find a suitable position?
        After logging into BBA’s official recruitment system (www.zackhovatter.com/jobs), use the search engine to look for job vacancies. Search according to work location, department and key words. You can also browse all the recruitment information, looking for suitable position. Our company’s production base is located in Shenyang, Liaoning where the industrial base is strong; there is a branch office in Beijing, and our sales and service network covers all over China.

        Other Questions

        1.Do you have any job fair recently?
        Please check the real-time information updates on the official wechat or microblog account of ‘BBA Recruitment’.

        2.Where can I submit questions about your recruitment?
        You can send private message to us via the official wechat or microblog account of ‘BBA Recruitment’. We will answer your questions promptly when seeing the message.

        Tips to Beware of Recruitment Fraud

        There are many organizations and websites lately pretend to be BMW Brilliance Automobile Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘BBA’), releasing recruitment information, and conduct personnel recruitment under the premise of not getting any authorization from BBA. They charges various fees from job seekers, resulting in some of the job seekers were deceived.

        We hereby solemnly declare:
        1.Organizations, websites mentioned above and all notices released by them are not from BBA. No authorization from BBA has been granted to them, therefore it is completely irrelevant with BBA’s recruitment process.
        2.No money will be charged and no payment will be required from job seekers by BBA and any recruitment agencies on behalf of BBA during any stage of the recruitment process.
        3.BBA’s training program for Talent Development Plan is currently arranged in Shenyang and Beijing only.
        4.BBA currently only publishes recruitment information or advertisement on its official website, official Sina microblog@BBA Recruitment and official wechat account for BBA Recruitment, and several authorized websites, such as BBA official pages on 51job, Zhaopin(Zhilian Zhaopin), Liepin, and on LinkedIn, Shixiseng and Dajiecom.

        To beware of deception, we suggest job seekers do not believe any recruitment advertisement about BBA published on any non-official website, Sina microblog or non-authorized websites mentioned above. Do not make any payment to any organization or individual during the recruitment process in cash or by other means. If you receive any payment notice of this kind, we suggest you contact local police office promptly, and provide them the sender’s information you have, for example, the contact’s name, email, address, phone number and fax number etc..

        If you encounter any problems associated with BBA in your job hunting, you can send private message to us via the official wechat or microblog account of ‘BBA Recruitment’. We will answer your questions promptly when seeing the message.


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