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        In 2016, BMW Group once again upgraded its CSR strategy in China – from charitable donation-based CSR to strategic CSR.

        Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

        As an advocate and practitioner of strategic CSR, BMW leverages its own resources and core competitive advantages to respond to the realistic demands of the Chinese society. And through clear self-positioning, innovation and a sustainable operating model, BMW effectively promotes various stakeholders’ long-term and active participation to address social issues. BMW’s strategic CSR sees creating “shared value” as its strategic goal, and producing innovative “enabling” solutions as its strategic means. Guided by strategic CSR, BMW holds true to its three principles: long-term development, efficacy comes first, and all-round stakeholder engagement.

        • Our Tagline

          Drive the Responsibility with BMW JOY

        • Our Mission

          BMW thinks and acts in a visionary manner, and is recognized as a responsible corporate citizen of the Chinese society.

        • Our Goals

          ? Promote upward social mobility through tailor-made programs targeting the needs of disadvantaged groups in the Chinese society.
          ? Leverage BMW’s core competencies to contribute to the safe and sustainable mobility in local community.

        • Our Focus Areas

          Social Mobility, and Safe and Sustainable Mobility.


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