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        BMW China and BMW Brilliance donate epidemic prevention supplies to 44 left-behind children's schools in China

        (Beijing) On May 14th, BMW China and BMW Brilliance donated epidemic prevention supplies worth RMB 700,000 to left-behind and migrant children in 44 BMW JOY Homes across the country, including 151,700 children masks, 22,900 adult masks, 3 temperature screening doors, 461 contactless infrared thermometers, 1,719 disinfectants and antimicrobial rinse-free hand sanitizers via the China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund. These supplies will be delivered to teachers and students in 44 schools. The delivery of these epidemic prevention supplies solved the urgent need of left-behind children's schools to resume classes in time, and provided much-needed epidemic prevention supplies for teachers and students.

        Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China in January 2020, BMW China and BMW Brilliance have made three donations totalling RMB 35 million to the community to purchase urgently needed medical supplies on January 26th, February 12th and February 14th respectively, and funded the first national mental health and counselling hotline for medical staff, patients and the public. With Chinese society entering a new stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, BMW China and BMW Brilliance continue to closely follow the development of the epidemic, pay attention to the needs of Chinese society, and focus on specific social groups seriously affected by the epidemic. Since the launch of BMW JOY Home in 2011, the program has been committed to supporting poor left-behind children and migrant children, and aims to provide left-behind children with equal development opportunities. The timeline for the re-opening of middle and primary schools has been announced in various parts of the country. Schools for left-behind children in some underdeveloped areas still need daily epidemic prevention supplies. After BMW China Corporate Social Responsibility conducted a detailed investigation of 75 BMW JOY Homes across the country, 44 of which have been found to be in urgent need of epidemic prevention supplies to support campus health management. To address this issue, BMW decided to provide assistance through the China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund.

        In addition, BMW Corporate Social Responsibility takes full advantage of project BMW China Culture Journey, to help inheritors of intangible cultural heritage to promote intangible cultural heritage products in Hubei Province which is significantly affected by the epidemic, and support them as they navigate these difficult times.

        Fill Gap of Lacking Educational Resources for Volunteers

        2019 BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education Guidebook and Joyful Sports Guidebook Now Launched

        (Beijing) On November 8th, the 2019 BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education Guidebook and Joyful Sports Guidebook were officially launched. Following the launch ceremony, BMW Brilliance and BMW China volunteers held a children’s traffic safety education class and a Joyful Sports Carnival for the children at Beijing Shijingshan Hua’ao School, the largest school for migrant children in Beijing. To lead by example as a pioneer of strategic CSR, BMW CSR released two guidebooks that aimed to enable social volunteers, traffic police, teachers, charity organizations and any member of the public interested in public welfare to provide children’s traffic safety education and show love and care to left-behind children. The Children’s Traffic Safety Education Guidebook and Joyful Sports Guidebook can be accessed for free on the official websites of the China Charity Federation and BMW Brilliance.

        In 2005, BMW CSR officially launched BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education in China. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the program. During the execution of this program, BMW realized the urgent need for a practical and reliable children’s traffic safety education curriculum. To address this need, guided by the Ministry of Public Security’s Traffic Management Bureau and sponsored by the China Charity Federation-BMW Warm Heart Fund, BMW CSR produced the Children’s Traffic Safety Education Guidebook in partnership with the Traffic Safety Research Center of the Ministry of Public Security and the China Children’s Press & Publication Group. This guidebook contains a comprehensive children’s traffic safety education curriculum and practical guidance for volunteering activities. Equipped with this guidebook and professional tools developed by the China Children’s Press & Publication Group’s, volunteers can deliver children's traffic safety education activities in schools, kindergarten and local communities upon completing professional training. The release of this guidebook shall promote the standardization and normalization of volunteer services to contribute to the development of volunteer services in the area of children’s traffic safety education.

        BMW Joy Home is a BMW CSR program tailored to help left-behind children and migrant children. In 2017, the program completed its upgrade from charity donations to the enabling of its beneficiaries, combining enabling strategies and stakeholder engagement to contribute to the development of children’s physical and mental health. Sponsored by the China Charity Federation-BMW Warm Heart Fund, the Joyful Sports Guidebook contains 30 Joyful Sports lesson plans and videos that demonstrate the rules and flow of Joyful Sports games so that volunteers can successfully organize Joyful Sports activities. This guidebook aims to help rural teachers and volunteers plan and develop sports activities suited to local conditions to improve left-behind children and migrant children’s physical and mental development. The guidebook shall be distributed to rural Physical Education teachers, volunteers and charity organizations nationwide for free.

        Since its launch in 2018, BMW Children’s Traffic Safety Education has led and trained BMW authorized dealers, car owners, associates, members of the media and the public to participate in volunteering activities under the guidance of the Ministry of Public Security’s Traffic Management Bureau, providing children’s traffic safety experience classes in schools, kindergartens and local communities. Till now, more than two million people have experienced children’s traffic safety education classes held by BMW volunteers. BMW has also established 75 BMW Joy Homes across 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions nationwide and set up 40 football teams in schools for left-behind children, benefitting more than 80,000 left-behind children and migrant children.

        Joyful Sports Guidebook

        《Joyful Sports Guidebook》Teaching Demonstration Video

        Lesson One: Passing the Ball Up and Down

        Lesson Two: The Elephant Ball

        Lesson Three: The Multiple Relay

        Lesson Four: The Healthy Diet

        Lesson Five: The Figure Relay

        Lesson Six: The Seven-minute Ball Sports

        Lesson Seven: The Three-leg Running

        Lesson Eight: The Snail Racing

        Lesson Nine: Saving the Money

        Lesson Ten: Passing the Ball in Collaboration

        Achieve More Aspiration with Joy

        2019 BMW JOY Home Football Tournament Summer Camp Kicks off in Shenyang

        (Shenyang) On July 22nd, the 2019 BMW JOY Home Football Tournament Summer Camp, jointly organized by China Charity Federation-BMW Warm Heart Fund and China Education Development Foundation, officially kicked off in Shenyang. Ten joyful football teams from BMW JOY Home schools nationwide will spend a week competing on the football pitch and sharing the joy brought by football.

        This summer camp was organized specially for the left-behind and migrant children from BMW JOY Home schools. A total of ten joyful football teams from Liaoning, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Hunan, Guangxi, Anhui and other provinces and autonomous regions gathered in Shenyang, including one team comprised entirely of girl players. During the summer camp, the young players will not only receive football training and participate in football matches, but also visit the BMW Brilliance Plant Tiexi in Shenyang and attend interesting classes organized by BMW associate and customer volunteers, as well as other colorful summer camp activities, adding up to an unforgettable and fruitful summer.

        Mr. Hu Chuanmu, Assistant to the President of China Charity Federation, said at the kick-off ceremony, “In the context of campus football in our country as well as the government’s emphasis on the healthy physical and mental growth of left-behind children, China Charity Federation-BMW Warm Heart Fund has taken the initiative to enact the policy outlined in the ‘Guidance on Accelerated Development of Teenager Campus Football’ – a document jointly released by the Ministry of Education and five other ministries. We have upgraded our public welfare concept from ‘donation aid’ to ‘enabling’ so as to carefully design and implement project activities with a focus on the themes of ‘Joyful Football’ and ‘Joyful Sports’, managing to improve the mental health of left-behind and migrant children and to promote campus football from a social public welfare perspective.”

        Caring for the physically and mentally healthy development of left-behind and migrant children in China’s disadvantaged regions has long been one of the main planks in BMW's corporate social responsibility platform. Mr. Daniel Schaefer, Senior Vice President of Technology and Manufacturing of BMW Brilliance, said at the kick-off ceremony, "Over the past eight years since BMW JOY Home launched in 2011, the project has made great contributions in improving the living conditions of left-behind and migrant children in synergy efforts with BMW customers, dealers, associates and other stakeholders. The power of one company’s CSR project is limited, but the power of the whole society is boundless. BMW JOY Home expects to cooperate with more social public welfare organizations and people, and to work with stakeholders to contribute continuously to a better society."

        Since 2017 when BMW JOY Home was upgraded from charitable donation to enabling, the project has shifted to focus on “Joyful Football” and “Joyful Sports”. So far, with the support of China Charity Federation-BMW Warm Heart Fund, 35 BMW JOY Home Joyful Football Teams have been set up in 23 provinces and administrative divisions across the country. Over the past two years, BMW JOY Home has conducted 39 times on-campus football training for a total of more than 290 days, benefiting more than 1,300 children. Within the first half year of 2019, BMW JOY Home has organized the 10-day-long on-campus football training respectively in ten BMW JOY Home schools, providing systematic and professional football training for left-behind and migrant children. In the second half year, the training will be expanded to another ten schools across the country.

        BMW has established close partnerships with China Charity Federation and China Education Development Foundation, as exemplified by such joint activities, which aims to establish more BMW JOY Homes and joyful football teams; and the “Public Welfare Training Project for Campus Football Teachers”, in cooperation with China Education Development Foundation, with the aim of improving the physical education teachers’ teaching skills on football. Up until now, nearly 500 physical education teachers in middle and primary schools across the country have benefited from this training. “The Joyful Sports Guidebook”, funded by China Charity Federation-BMW Warm Heart Fund, will be upgraded and published in the second half year of 2019. This guidebook will provide rural teachers and public volunteers with professional sports guidance for free, to promote the healthy development of left-behind and migrant children and promote the education concept of “Joyful Football” and “Joyful Sports” to wider society.

        Since BMW JOY Home launched in 2011, 75 BMW JOY Homes have been established in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and over 400 activities have been organized, with nearly 10,000 BMW customers, dealers and associates participating. More than 80,000 left-behind and migrant children have benefited from these activities.

        In 2018, the upgraded "BMW JOY Home"

        has achieved promising initial results

        The BMW Joyful Sports Carnival has been held more than 10 times in BMW JOY Homes nationwide in year 2018. BMW JOY Home students and BMW volunteers play educational and enjoyable games, including football games in the activities. Near 300 BMW associates, car owners, dealers and media took part in the activities as volunteers, and made the children feel about the joy of growth and sports during play games. By the end of year 2018, 26 football teams have been set up in BMW JOY Home schools nationwide, and professional football training institutions have been invited to conduct the 5 to 10 days training programs 28 times for 25 football teams, benefiting near 900 students and teachers in BMW JOY Homes.

        In June 2018, BMW launched the “2018 Campus Football Teacher Training Program” in partnership with China Education Development Foundation, and has since provided training for nearly 400 PE teachers from primary and secondary schools in Urumqi, Wuhan, Guiyang, and Beijing.

        In July 2018, the first BMW JOY Home Football Tournament Summer Camp was held in Shenyang; it is also the first football summer camp specially organized for left-behind and migrant children. 10 participating teams, from 10 provinces and autonomous regions including Qinghai, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, and Ningxia, were selected from the 22 BMW JOY Home football teams nationwide. During the one-week summer camp, 100 primary school students between the ages of 9 to 12 as well as 20 physical education teachers received “Joyful Football” skills training, took visits and competed for the championship in Shenyang.

        Since the launch of BMW JOY Home in 2011, BMW has set up 68 BMW JOY Home schools in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and organized over 400 sessions of activities, benefiting more than 80,000 left-behind and migrant children. Nearly 10,000 BMW warm heart customers, dealers and associates participated in BMW JOY Home’s volunteer service activities.

        BMW JOY Home, which adopts an innovative “Joyful Sports” education model and a sustainable operating model, provides sports classes and football guidance for China’s mobile and left-behind children. Through professional training to improve physical education in the schools for mobile and left-behind children, this program also contributes to the development of the children’s physical and mental health, and narrows the gap between underprivileged schools and urban schools. This program has been widely recognized by government departments, BMW stakeholders, the media and the public.

        2017 BMW JOY Home Launched with Brand-new Concept

        Joyful Sports

        In 2017, the BMW JOY Home program upgraded from charitable donations to the empowerment of its beneficiaries through the launch of “Joyful Football”, a program that aims to improve left-behind children's physical and mental health through various sports and advanced education concepts.

        Since June, BMW together with NGOs and BMW warm-hearted car owners has fully implemented Joyful Sports. In June, 2017 BMW JOY Home Joyful Sports Training was held for nearly a hundred warm-hearted car owners and dealers. In August, the Joyful Sports Teacher Training was held with the participation of more than 60 principals and PE teachers. From October to December, BMW implemented a three-day Joyful Sports sample curriculum at 6 JOY Homes, and completed a 10-day in-depth children’s football training camp at 5 JOY Homes. In November, more than 40 volunteers made up of BMW associates and the media organized a Joyful Sports Carnival for students from Beijing Xingzhi Primary School. And on December 8, the first BMW JOY Home’s Joyful Football Beijing team was established at Shijingshan Hua’ao School.

        By 2018, BMW plans to set up at least 20 football teams at JOY Homes and hold interschool summer camps and football tournaments.

        56 BMW JOY Homes have been established across 28 provinces in China. More than 400 activities have been held, benefiting more than 60,000 left-behind children.

        2015 Art Theme Campaign

        Paint for Future

        China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund, together with BMW dealers, launched 2015 Art Theme Campaign - “Paint for Future”. BMW associates, car owners and warm-hearted people were actively engaged to bring the long-term art curriculum to JOY Homes nationwide, guiding the children to think about their hometown, environment and future, and encouraging them to express their thoughts by painting. With the campaign, CCF BMW WHF advocated facing life with a more positive and happier attitude among all “family members”, and inspired the art potential of the children in JOY Homes and help them grow up happily and healthily through professional guidance and practical support.

        The art theme campaign was rolled out among dealers nationwide successively, engaging more than 500 warm heart car owners and volunteers to bring nearly 1,000 art lectures to the children in JOY Homes. The Art Exhibition themed “1,000 Art Classes in JOY Homes” was held in Beijing, exhibiting 65 outstanding pieces of children’s artwork.

        2014 Marathon Theme Campaign

        Run for Love

        China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund launched 2014 Marathon Theme Event - “Run for Love”. The BMW dealers across the country take part in this event, and 37 running groups were established. In this year, about 1,200 volunteers joined the journey of “Run for Love” and ran over 10,000 kilometers with the children from BMW JOY Homes nationwide. Meanwhile, in BOCC, more than 20,000 people took part in this activity online to support the special little athletes of BMW JOY Home. And, about 100 little athletes were selected to join the 2014 Shanghai International Marathon race as the representatives of BMW Warm Heart Fund Joy Home.

        2013 Environment Theme Campaign

        Protecting our Plant Friends

        In 2013, China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund launched the “Protecting our Plant Friends” BMW JOY Home Children Care Program 2013 Theme Campaign nationwide. By looking at different species of plants across China, this program will encourage children to become interested in the natural world and environmental protection.

        As part of this program, both JOY Home children and BMW customers participated in a series of environmental protection activities. These include: taking care of potted plants, visiting botanical gardens, and taking part in environmentally-themed photography contests. The campaign started in April. As of November, 33 dealers carried it out in their respective “BMW JOY Homes”, and nearly 1,600 BMW customers and 2,500 students participated in the campaign.

        2012 Warm Heart Sports Game

        Cheer up the Olympics with Love

        As the official partner of the 2012 London Olympic Games, BMW carried out a series of Olympic-themed activities around the world, including in China. With the aim of helping the children of BMW JOY Homes to feel the Olympic spirit and enjoy the pleasure of sports, China Charity Federation BMW Warm Heart Fund launched “Cheer up the Olympics with Love”—BMW JOY Home 2012 Warm Heart Sports Game.

        BMW JOY Home Warm Heart Sports Game had three phases: dealer-level preliminary competitions; regional PK competitions; and the national-level final tournament. Through these layers of selection, twenty families from four regions were eventually selected to attend the national final tournament held in Beijing in July 2012.


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